Rust9x update: Rust 1.76.0-beta

20 months since the initial release, Rust9x is back, whether you like it or not!

I've spent the last couple of days migrating the changes from Rust 1.61-beta to Rust 1.76-beta, and filling some of the holes in API support on the way.

See the project wiki on Github: rust9x/rust and the previous announcement post.

What's new? #

Other than the obvious update to Rust 1.76 with all its benefits, there are a few other changes:

Backtrace support #

Backtraces are now supported on at least Windows 98 and up when providing a supported dbghelp.dll file, and are natively supported on Windows XP and up. It is still recommended to supply an updated dbghelp.dll. See the Limitations page for more information.

Thread parking support #

Code that uses thread parking should now work! I've brought back the old generic implementation that was removed from upstream before, as no relevant platform needs it anymore.

x86_64 support? #

I haven't tested it, but I've added a x86_64-rust9x-windows-msvc target, which should work on XP 64-bit and up. Let me know whether it does :)

(Update: 2023-12-30) Downloadable binary package #

I've also figured out how to create an easily shareable binary package, so you can try it out without bothering to build it yourself. See the installation instructions in the project wiki.

Obligatory picture #